Specialized distributor for RF / Microwave, EMC Test Equipment & Electronic Components

Specialized distributor for RF / Microwave, EMC Test Equipment & Electronic Components

RIMARCK is an independent familiy company representing world leading manufactures, offering high quality products & introducing the latest innovations


RF & Microwave Components

Largest selection of RF Components in the industry, custom cables ready to ship within one day

EMC Test Equipment

The largest range of Impulse test equipment up to 100kV and 100kA.

Broadband Solutions

high-quality microwave products for the wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical and defense sectors 

High Power RF Transistor

Solution to high power pulsed applications using ASI VIMOS technology


We offer a large range of connectors from several manufacturers such as Jaeger, Binder and GCT

Battery Holders

Largest standard Battery holders and Battery contacts, custom design specialists available


High Voltage Resistors, Power Resistors, Ulta-High Power resistors & Custom Designed Resistors

Electromagnets & Solenoids

Frame solenoids, Cylinder solenoids, Lamellar solenoids, Electromagnets, Permanent Electromagnets

Hardware PCB Accessories

plugs, pins, jacks, sockets, terminals, panel hardware, spacers, jumpers, standoffs, terminals, test points, and more..


Wide range of both standard as high tech Capacitors

Fuses and Fuse holders

Automotive fuses, glass fuses, smd & resettable fuses, in-line fuse holders and whatever you need for your application

Cable Assemblies

Custom RF Cable Assemblies in one day, UL approved cables and Interconnect systems

Sensors & Switches

Several types of switches & sensors such as Reed Switches, Piano style switches, Rotary Sensors and more

Relays, Crystals & Resonators

High standard range of relays, crystal and resonators from several manufacturers 


Control & Trimming potentiometers (SMD & Thru-hole), Control Potentiometers, Potentiometers in SMD configuration, 

LCD Displays

LCD displays, Sunlight Readable TFT, Standard OLED, Touch panel and more

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